Who We Are

This website is about the music scene in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area. The focus will be the shows/concerts of established musicians in Fayetteville/Cumberland County and the surrounding area.

The proximity of Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base leads to a very diverse community in Fayetteville. Almost every country in the world is represented here and along with the people from those countries come the talents and cultures of their homelands. That influence is also evident in the local music scene. Almost every genre of music is represented here. Unfortunately, most people have never heard of many of the bands that call this area home. Neither do people consider the fact that many of them are not looking for the ‘big time’ but just want their music to be heard. Hopefully, this website will spread the word to some of the people who are indeed looking for live music without having to drive for miles to get there or having to pay the high price for the ‘nationals’.

Nowadays there are numerous methods for promoting your band/group…………MySpace, Facebook, 910Street, etc. Therefore this site will NOT be promoting the band; instead, it will be promoting the gigs/shows. Please have at least one MP3 on your page so that people can sort of get a feel for your genre, etc.

The site will contain a page for musicians with a small photo and links to their web presence……Website, MySpace Page, Facebook Page, 910Street Page, whatever. We now have a social site – Fayetteville NC Area Music Scene. Upcoming events/shows are posted to that site. You may post your shows, add your photos, chat with other members, etc on that site. I will also add MY PHOTOS of the gigs/shows that I am able to attend. Hopefully, this will lead to the community becoming more aware of the many, many musicians based here – some as good as, or better than, the nationals.

Please take a look around this site, and the social site, and come out to the venues for some great music – right in your own backyard.

TO ALL YOU MUSICIANS………..If you would like to be added to this site just send me an email with a link to your webpage. It would help to have at least one GOOD MP3 on your site. I do NOT just automatically add you because you want to be here. I have learned that there are quite a few “wannabes” out there and, quite frankly, I do not have the time to spend on them. Neither do I add “open mic” gigs to upcoming events as a general rule; however I do have a page with the open mics that I know of on the “social site”.